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Oct 4, 2017

Making the decision to do something great is not crazy. Who cares what your age, there is nothing wrong with feelings of grandeur.

"I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear."

Nelson Mandela

Answer The...

Oct 4, 2017

You are where you are because of the decisions you have made in your past. You will be in a completely different scenario when you have the courage to make changes to your life.

The #1 excuse people use for not getting things done, always has to do with time.

If you are not passionate and completely committed, you will...

Oct 4, 2017

The more you run or do intense cardio, the smaller your muscles will be. 

If running built large muscles, you wouldn’t see stick thin marathoners. Running shrinks muscle fibers to make them more efficient, to run longer.

Cut back on your running program and you’ll see growth in both your slow and fast twitch...

Oct 4, 2017

There is no such thing as a 9th place trophy and participation trophies are killing us.

This is embarrassing. This is stupid. This is how you neuter a nation.

There is no disgrace in losing if you don’t let it beat you. In fact, real men get more determined and fired up when they lose to ensure it’s not repeated.

Oct 4, 2017

The people who become and stay fit are different. They have a work ethic. The push their threshold at the gym. They fuel with good foods and they take whole food supplements that fill in the gaps.

If you eat crappy food and take lousy supplements, you will perform poorly and eventually breakdown in the gym and in...